🍲 RealEats Review & Taste Test: Are These Boil-In-Water, Clean Meals Any Good?

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Watch our RealEats review and see how simple clean eating can actually taste good.  RealEats is a prepared meal delivery service that makes it quick and simple to eat clean food that tastes good.  Meals last for 7 days and warm up in 6 minutes or less.  They have a variety of options that you reheat by placing BPA-free pouches into boiling water.  This process preserves the nutrients and freshness of the food.

What's in Our RealEats Box:  
- Baked Blueberry Oatmeal w/ Maple Cream
- Honey Sesame Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetables & Smashed Potatoes
- Balsamic-Glazed Steak w/ Sauteed Green Beans, Toasted Almonds & Smashed Potatoes
- Turkey Chili
- Pure Greens Juice

What We Tasted in Our Review: 

- Honey Sesame Chicken w/ Mixed Vegetables & Smashed Potatoes

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1. Intro to RealEats Review 0:00​
2. RealEats Unboxing Review 0:26​
3. About RealEats & How It Works 1:28​
4. Reheating RealEats Meals 2:17​
5. Taste Test RealEats Meals Review 3:45​
6. RealEats Review Conclusion 4:48​

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